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Where Literary Skills Meet the Marketplace: Advertising and Consumer Rights

Advertising is one of the greatest driving forces behind America's free marketplace. It embodies a critical way that writing and expression skills are utilized in the business world. Learn about the intricacies of advertising and consumer rights as told from varying perspectives in the field. Discuss with key Members of an Experienced Advertising Firm the rights that consumers are entitled to and the constraints that advertisers must keep in mind when developing their ads. Hear the leader of an Environmental Activist Group describe the constraints faced in voicing opinions and how to arrange where to stage a protest within the parameters of the law. Then learn firsthand from a State Legislator what the First Amendment expression rights are for different groups and organizations, both according to the law as dictated by the Constitution and on a local legislation level. Finally, hear about the latest emerging issues in the field by meeting a member of an Internet Advertising Company who will discuss many topics, such as the modern constraints inherent in Internet censorship and the issues and opinions regarding "the great firewall of China."

  1. Senior Member of Advertising Company

  2. Environmental Activist

  3. State Legislator

  4. Director of Web Based Advertising Company