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Genocide and the Holocaust: Bridging the Past and the Present

While many might think that the events of the Holocaust were an isolated event of the past, genocide has been a recurring phenomenon in many areas of the world. This unit examines the effects of genocide on those who have survived it as well as what is behind genocide. First, hear from a child survivor of the Holocaust who shares his "different" upbringing as a result of having a parent who survived the Holocaust and how that has made him see the world differently. Next, hear survivors of modern-day genocide speak about how their lives were indelibly changed by the horrors they experienced. An individual from the Peace Corps who works to save people from the horrors of genocide and what they have seen will also share his experiences. Finally, hear from a representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center who will detail the stories of criminals brought to justice, the process of doing so, and the ideology behind the organization.

  1. Childhood survivor of the Holocaust

  2. Survivor of Modern Day Genocide

  3. Peace Corps; someone who has worked in a genocidal nation

  4. Member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center