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The Art of Speech: The Use of Different Forms of Writing to Convey a Message

Learn about the tools inherent in words by hearing from a team of experts who use various writing styles to convey the perfect tone needed within their field of work. Listen as an Attorney who has argued before the Federal Court describes how she prepares for a case by writing her amicus brief for the court in a persuasive manner. Then learn from a Lawyer about how the use of persuasive speech while arguing in front of a court differs from the persuasive tone of writing the brief. Hear from a Children's Book Author about the use of descriptive terms and imagery in childrenís books and how Authors paint a picture through words. Finally, talk with a Newspaper Columnist about the varying types of writing found in a newspaper, depending on the section and the readers to which each section is catered.

  1. Attorney who has argued before a Federal Court

  2. Author of Children's Books

  3. Newspaper Columnist