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Character, Plot, Theme, and Setting: Analyzing their Development through Various Media

The elements of character, plot, theme, and setting are the core of any play, book, or movie. How well each of these elements is developed will dictate the quality of the final product. Learn from experts in the field about how these elements are utilized to produce a polished product. Hear from a Novelist about the novel's unique ability to develop these elements, but also its limits as compared to a screenplay or movie production. Then hear from a Screenwriter about the tools available in film, such as the use of music to dictate a rising action or falling action and the use of scenic imagery to display setting. But also learn how they are constrained. Then learn from a Playwright about how to utilize the elements of foreshadowing, tone, cliffhangers, and imagery within plays. Finally, hear the third-party perspective of a Movie Critic and examine the criteria used to evaluate a quality movie from a subpar one.

  1. Novelist

  2. Screenwriter

  3. Playwright

  4. Movie Critic