Language Arts Experts Social Studies Experts Science Experts Math Experts
Professional Photographer Descendant of a Slave Virologist Actuary
Skilled Blogger Civil Rights Leader/Activist Microbiologist Bond Analyst
Poet Author on American Slavery Biologist Business Consultant
Author NAACP Board Member Infectious Disease Specialist Hedge Fund Manager
Professional Actor War Veteran- Foot Soldier Oncology Researcher Manufacturer of Designer Boxes
Movie Director War Veteran- Lieutenant Biomedical Engineer Sports Equipment Manufacturer
Skilled Blogger Member of Congress during Vietnam War Cell Scientist Agricultural Silo Designer
Publisher Geographer Tissue Scientist Apple products Designer
Software Developer Economist Forensics Expert Aeronautical Engineer
Online Game Company Developer Historian Cloning Expert Race Car Engineer
Head of Advertising company Federal Judge Synthetic Biologist Mutual Fund Expert
State Legislator Entrepreneur Systems Biologist Investment Banker
Director of Web Based Advertising Company Import/Export Businessman Mineralogist Private Equity Manager
Movie Director State Legislator Hydrologist Meteorologist
Playwright Roanoke Settler Impersonator Seismologist Computer Technician
Movie Critic Jamestown Settler Impersonator Volcanologist Baseball Statistician
UN Negotiator Plymouth Settler Impersonator Rain Forest Explorer Web Expert
Consultant to Fortune 500 Company St Augustine Settler Impersonator Botanist Casino Expert
Labor Union Executive Colonial Soldier Impersonator Pharmacist State Legislator
Attorney British Soldier Impersonator Environmentalist Jeweler
Children Book Author George Washington Impersonator Electrochemist Aeronautical Engineer
Newspaper Columnist Benjamin Franklin Impersonator Auto Industry Expert Structural Engineer
Child survivor of Holocaust State Senator Power Plant Operator Architect
Survivor of Modern Day Genocide Circuit Court Judge Pathologist Stock Analyst
Peace Corps Lawyer from the ACLU Virologist Statistician
Employee of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Member of NRA Biomedical Nano-technologist Pharmaceutical expert
Music Editor Union Soldier (impersonator) Forensic Engineer Pharmacologist
Novel Editor Confederate Soldier (Impersonator) NASA Space Explorer Mechanical Engineer
Magazine Editor War Historian Astrophysicist Corporate CEO
Media Editor Foreign Cultures expert Expert Celestial Navigator Bridge Engineer
Acting Coach Archaeological Expert Meteorologist Structural Engineer
Attorney Developmental Psychologist Climatologist GPS navigation technician
PR person Clinical Psychologist Environmental Expert Astronomer
Speech Writer Industrial Psychologist Storm Expert.  
Biographer Addiction Specialist Expert on Big Bang theory  
Op-ed columnist Federal Reserve board member Astronomy Expert  
Magazine writer Iroquois tribal member Astrophysicist  
Classic poet Choctaw tribal member Engineer  
Freestyle poet Seminoles tribal member Nanotechnologist  
Composer of music Sioux tribal member Environmental Activist  
Soloist musician Holocaust survivor Entomologist  
Detective Expert Author on D-day Herpetologist  
Web Expert Expert/ tour guide on Pearl Harbor Military officer. Ichthyologist  
Lawyer   Ornithologist  
Scientist   Fishing Company Expert  
Storyteller   Marine Ecologist  
Novelist   Animal Behaviorist  
Muralist   Organic Food Expert  
    Atmospheric Scientist  
    Geologist, Energy Company  
    Environmental Activist  
    Chemical biologist