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A Glance into the Mathematical Mind of the Businessman

Talk with Analysts and learn how they use math to make multi-million dollar decisions. Learn how math is used to acquire an edge in the business world and how mathematical decisions can ultimately dictate a company's success or failure.

Grades: 8, 7, 6

Concepts: Statistics, Probability

A Relevant Tangent: Trigonometry's Multiple Applications in Various Industries.

Via the Web, our Astronomers and Engineers enter your classroom to discuss the use of trigonometry in their field of work. Your students' eyes will be opened to the possibilities all around them.

Grades: 11, 10

Concept: Trigonometry

Applied Mathematics: Satisfying Your Need for Speed

Awake your students' interest in Calculus, Algebra, and Physics with classroom visits from our Racecar Engineers. Let our experts share their stories about how Math and Physics drive the design of the most advanced fighter jets and racecars.

Grades: 12, 11, 10, 9

Concepts: Physics, Calculus, Algebra

Calculus: Its real world applications

Discuss and learn from experienced professionals in the fields of Architecture, Pharmacology, Engineering, and Economics how they arrive at calculated and complex decisions, whether they are designing the model for the next skyscraper or developing the next source of alternative energy, through the use of Calculus and its various formulas.

Grades: 12, 11

Concept: Calculus

Linear Programming: Solving Complex Decisions on Multiple Levels

Excite students' interest in linear math by having an Economist, Meteorologist, and Technician discuss how they use it to predict everything from the next tornado to the next stock market crash.

Grades: 12, 11, 10, 9

Concept: Algebra

Markov Chains: One Step Ahead

Excite student interest in Statistics by having a Baseball Statistician and Casino Expert share how they integrate statistical concepts, such as Markov Chains, into predicting a player's performance or a gambler's next move.

Grades: 12, 11

Concept: Finite Math

Probability: Forming Decisions on All Levels

Add a new dimension to your study of statistics by bringing Economists, Meteorologists, and Casino Experts into the classroom via the Web to discuss how they use statistics to predict the next tornado or stock market crash and make real-world decisions.

Grades: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Concept: Probability

Saving and Optimizing Your Finances through the Use of Mathematics

Your students will discuss with industry insiders, from Investment Bankers to Actuaries, how the mathematics being taught in the classroom can go a far ways in creating and preserving wealth.

Grades: 12, 11

Concept: Algebra II

Shape, Size, and Design: Using Calculus to Perfect a Design

Raise your students' interest in Calculus by having them discuss its use with designers that employ it every day. Our experts, from Apple Designers to Sports Equipment Designers, share with students the importance of Calculus in designing new and sophisticated products.

Grades: 11, 10, 9, 8, 7

Concept: Calculus

Statistics: How They are Used Today

The use of and need for statistics are discussed and demonstrated by Stock Analysts, Baseball Scouts, and Pharmaceutical experts. Students hear firsthand how these industry professionals use statistics to find the next Babe Ruth, wonder drug, or hot stock.

Grades: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Concept: Statistics


A Fascinating Journey into the Animal Kingdoms From Those Who Know Them Best

Talk with Zoologists who have spent their lives studying the intricacies and anomalies within the various animal kingdoms.

Grades: 6, 5, 4

Concepts: Zoology, Biology

Astronomy: A Closer Look at Outer Space and Earth's Place Within It

Talk with our Space Experts as they transport your students light years into the future with their unique stories and experiences with the various phenomena of outer space, including black holes and dark matter.

Grades: 5, 4, 3

Concept: Astronomy

Bacteria, Viruses, and Protists: Surviving and Thriving against the Odds

Discuss bacteria and micro-organisms with the Doctors and Researchers charged with protecting us from the next pandemic.

Grades: 11, 10, 9

Concept: Biology

Carbon: A Closer Look at the Building Block of the World.

Discuss carbon with experts from Engineers to Mineralogists who use it for everything from charting air pollution to creating the next spaceship that will travel to Mars.

Grades: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Concept: Chemistry

Charged Up: Batteries and the Alternative Energy Movement

Talk with our experts in Technology to understand the latest developments in Alternative Energy and what the future may hold, from hydrogen-powered cars to solar-powered airplanes.

Grades: 12, 11, 10

Concepts: Electrochemistry, Chemistry

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