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How does it work

Our approach: We raise the bar in 21st century education by bringing
K–12 classroom lessons to life through the unique perspectives of our Subject Matter Experts.

Our Model: We offer a series of regularly scheduled Learning Units
that bring together:

  • Two live classrooms of students from different locations throughout the country and
  • Live Subject Matter Experts in different locations around the country.

ALL LIVE via the web, and coordinated entirely by theLinktoLearn

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Learning units

Learning Units are designed to add color and perspective to the material being taught in the classroom. The specialized knowledge of our Subject Matter Experts provides the necessary context to solidify students‘ comprehension and retention of classroom material. theLinktoLearn offers a wide variety of learning units within Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts for grades K-12.

A sample Learning Unit chart is shown to the right.

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About our experts

Our Subject Matter Experts range from a
War Veteran who can provide a firsthand account of the war, to a Novelist who
sheds light on how the writing tools
learned in the classroom are utilized most effectively, to a Marine biologist in the field right now dealing with oil spills.

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What are benefits
Financial Savings

Field trips are expensive and cost students a day outside of the classroom; our virtual field trips fit into scheduled class time and cost a fraction of a traditional field trip.

Exposure to Unique People

We offer schools the unprecedented opportunity to have their students speak directly with Screenwriters, World Class Scientists, Aeronautical Engineers, and Olympic Athletes.

Another Tool for Reaching Students

Our Experts reveal to students practical applications of classroom material - creating a more lasting educational impression.

21st Century Learning

Seeing, meeting, and connecting with students from around the United States greatly expands a student’s knowledge base and perspective.

Turn-Key Solution

We handle all the logistics, including the sourcing, staffing, coordination of subject matter experts, content development, supplementary reading materials and technical support.

Professional Development & Teacher Enrichment

Our Subject Matter Experts’ unique backgrounds and experiences not only enrich the students’ knowledge base, but also provide information that teachers can build upon for future lesson plans and curriculum.

Technology required

The technology requirements to integrate theLinktoLearn into the classroom are minimal.

  • Classrooms only require:
  • A web camera and microphone so that students in the classrooms and the Subject Matter Expert can see each other as well as interact with one another.
  • High speed internet access to www.theLinktoLearn.org in order to attend the web based learning units.