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What is theLinktoLearn

We are an organization that brings together K−12 classrooms from across America for LIVE discussions with
Subject Matter Experts – all via the web. Just imagine the possibilities……

We Encourage Parental Involvement

theLinktoLearn breaks new ground by linking parents more closely to their child's education - we bring the parents into the classroom.

Through a secure web portal, parents are able to view their child's participation in archived sessions at theLinktoLearn.

Giving parents the ability to participate meaningfully in their child's education pays numerous dividends:

Expands the circle of learning to the entire family
Parents watch and learn as their child talks with Marine Biologists, War Veterans, Archeologists, Statisticians, and other Subject Matter experts.

Opens the parent/ child lines of communications
After viewing a session of theLinktoLearn, parents can engage their child. It pulls the parents into the learning process and opens the pathway to discussions.

"Raises the bar" in education
As students become aware that their parents are involved in viewing the sessions at theLinktoLearn, it will raise their accountability and participation.

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