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Founded in 2010, theLinktoLearn has become the leading K-12 Guest Speaker Educational Enhancement provider in the United States.

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Our History:

We were founded with the guiding principle that the positive influences young people are exposed to, the more fulfilling lives they will experience. Over the years we have brought a wide range of Guest Speakers from astronauts to members of Congress into classroom across America. Students from Maine to Florida and Pennsylvania to California have been able to learn, firsthand, what it’s like to be a molecular biologist, a State Senator, statistician, author or a myriad of other professions. We have brought to life historical events ranging from the Civil War, with reenactment soldiers to the Holocaust with survivors of concentration camps. Our Learning Units have enabled teachers to expose their students to aspects of educational topics that only industry experts, with decades of experience and research, can provide.

Our Structure:

As a registered 501(c) organization, theLinktoLearn Foundation receives funding from foundations, individuals and other 501(c)3 organizations from across the United States seeking to help enhance our K-12 educational system in America.